About FixSpell.com

This free tool replaces over 1,800 common US English words for their UK / International English equivalents and vice versa.

It will keep your capitalisation and you can even cut and paste HTML, markdown and rich text in and out without it messing up your code.

Why this tool?

I was sick of using editors like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and having to accept each change in the document when changing the language settings. I just wanted a super fast, one click solution. Anyone who writes or edits frequently probably knows this pain. FixSpell.com is your solution. Enjoy!


This tool won't change actual misspelt words, slang words or measurements to metric, etc. You still need to watch for things like gas for petrol, or pie for pizza, etc. There's too many challenges with going that far, so at this stage, it doesn't.

How to support

Please share this tool widely. Link to it from your blog or website, tell your friends to use it. Heck, print a tshirt. Any actions to help promote FixSpell.com is all the support I need.

Get in touch

Got a word I missed? Have complaints or compliments? The easiest way to get in touch with me is via @milesb on Twitter.